12 Ways to Grow Long Hair Fast From Your Home


How to Grow Long Hair Fast From Your Home

If you want to grow your hair long but don’t necessarily want to use expensive store-bought products or use harsh chemicals on your mane; you can make home made remedies that will promote hair growth and also keep your tresses shiny and healthy. An added benefit to using home remedies they rarely have any side effects and aren’t harmful to the environment. Some remedies you might want to try include:

1. Your diet is very important not only for your health but for your hair as well. If you eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, including raw ones you will increase your chances of growing your locks long. Drinking lots of water is a good way to ensure your health and that you get a strong healthy mane.

2. Although a healthy diet is a good idea, taking supplements will add to your mane’s health. Vitamin B, C, and E are all important vitamins to take; as well as zinc, protein, iron, and copper are all essential for health.

3. Brush your mane carefully and gently using a wooden brush with soft bristles. Never brush your locks when it’s wet, always use a wide-tooth comb or else it can cause damage to your locks.

4. To grow your hair long as well as make it look shiny try this method: combine and boil 1 cup of celery leaves with stems, strain this and add the juice of 1 lemon. Use this rinse after washing your mane instead of a conditioner.

5. To increase hair growth massage lavender oil into your hair and leave on for 30 minutes before washing it off. Do this at least once a week.

6. It may not help to grow your hair faster, but it does keep it neat – trim your hair at least once a month. This removes split ends and makes it look healthier.

7. Another good method is massaging aloe vera over your scalp and leaving it on for about an hour. After the hour, rinse your mane in warm water; it gives terrific results when it comes to grow hair long faster.

8. If you rinse your hair in apple cider vinegar and sage tea it will definitely help with your hair growth.

9. A lovely fragrant method is boil rosemary leaves in water and then use this water to rinse your mane after washing it.

10. A very easy method is simply massaging your scalp with your fingers daily for at least 5 minutes at a time. It stimulates the scalp and promotes blood flow to the locks follicles.

11. To bring life and shine back to your hair rinse your hair with one lemon and water after washing your hair daily.

12. To make your mane grow, rub olive oil into your hair; this will also condition your hair.

Finally, use Mira oil with its natural herbs and oils to promote hair growth. If you follow at least some of these steps you will find you will grow your hair longer faster.