How To Make Hair Accessories For Beautiful Girls

How to Make Hair Accessories for Beautiful Girls – The price Tag of hair accessories for girls tend to rise each time the color, beads or unique accents added. Fortunately, with crafts and some creativity, you can create Your own custom hair accessories for girls at home. From brightly colored shiny spring clips to scrunchies, craft activities appealing to pre-teens and teenagers, and is an economical way to decorate a variety of hair styles.

How to Make Hair Accessories for Beautiful Girls

How to Make Hair Accessories for Beautiful Girls

1. Create a spring clip beads. Spread hot glue in thin horizontal strips on top of the hair clips using the hot glue gun. Mismatch the beads with a straight pin and place them right next to each other in a row. Repeat this process until the clip completely beaded.

2. Fashion decorative ponytail holder. Take basic hair elastic fabric and hot glue the pompom on the band’s two next to each other for added traction. Picture wavy lines or spots to the rest of the band with silver or gold permanent marker.

3. Make comb to be further eroded. Cut a length of string with the same imitation pearls over a comb. Use hot glue to glue pearls to the top of the comb. Wrap a thin wire at the top of the comb in the vertical movement to secure the pearls in place.

4. Add color to the clamp. Use your favorite nail polishes to paint stripes on a branch above the clamp. Put hot glue on the sides straight from hairpins and bead thread to places to see reversible.

5. Decoupage a hairpin collaged. Small objects cut from magazines with a nail Clipper and place them in an envelope. Use a brush to coat the top of the flops in a thin layer of decoupage. Arrange the pieces of the magazine on the surface of the clamp, apply another thin coat of decoupage glaze and allow it to dry overnight.

6. Make a scrunchie is shiny. Cut velvet or satin 18 inches long and 2 1/2 inches wide. Join the long side of the fabric together at the wrong side to form a tube and sew along the edges. Turn the fabric inside out tube and thread length 6 inch elastic through the tube. Pull the ends of the elastic and sew them together, scrunching the fabric as you go. Tuck one end of the fabric tube to the other side and sew along the outside to join them.