Rogaine 5% Foam For men review


Rogaine 5% Foam for men

Rogaine 5% Foam for men

Rogaine Foam is 5% minoxidil, but the fact that it’s foam is the most relevant part. You may be wondering why a company would create a hair loss product that uses a foam base. It’s because normally rogaine comes in an alcohol base, but some people have noticed the alcohol causes scalp dryness and itching. Alcoholic rogaine also leaves a residue, which makes hair look clumped and unclean. rogaine foam as a 5% foam blend improves these problems.

There are generic foams based on the standard 5% solution, giving you full-strength up to 15%, but these blends aren’t always formulated to the highest standards. Some manufacturers may be a bit shady, giving you no guarantees minoxidil is actually in the product, and you could be rubbing mere alcohol into your scalp. Foam based rogaine is known to dry very quickly and doesn’t leave any mess behind. It works a lot of hair mousse because of the product base.

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Testing has shown that rogaine products have regrown hair in 85% of men tested, which means it offers excellent results when used correctly. rogaine has to be used twice a day for best results, and because hair grows pretty slowly, you need a lot of patience to see hair regrowth. You must allow up to 90 days to see any real results from any hair loss treatment, whether it be pills or lotions. A lot of guys try hair loss treatments for one month and then give up because they aren’t seeing results. This is a mistake, and if you’re serious about hair regrowth you need to give the hair renewal process sufficient time.

You maybe wondering whether you should buy Rogaine Foam or a generic brand. There’s nothing wrong with many generic brands, but the only way you can be sure that you’re getting the real product is to buy genuine Rogaine. Like many other things in life, you get exactly what you paid for.