BOSLEY Women’s Regrowth Treatment review

Hair loss in women is seen as a nemesis that has been haunting several women since ages ago. This problem has often led to women ending up with bald patches on their scalp. While hair care products have repeatedly helped women delay the balding process, it does little to undo it.

Women afflicted by hair loss or hair thinning today have to turn to specialized products to treat their scalps to stop the process at once or undo the problem to an extent. BOSLEY Women’s Regrowth Treatment products for their hair are products that seem to be popular and effective in the wake of persistent hair loss issues. There are many advantages to this product even though the price may seem a bit bulky. However, there is no set price on stopping losing out on your hair is there.

What is BOSLEY women's regrowth treatment?

BOSLEY Women’s Regrowth Treatment product for hair loss is a product that has been a popular choice in the market as something that not only facilitates the prevention of continual hair loss in women but also an increase in growth of scalp hair for the same women over a period of time. A huge section of its users believes that this product is the ideal product for the job and works better and even faster than other products in the category.


How does BOSLEY women's regrowth treatment Work?

The product is a topical solution whose main ingredient is minoxidil, which is present in a 2% concentration. Persistent use of minoxidil 2% has been known to show hair regrowth in women after a period of time. It works by energizing the hair follicles on the scalp into facilitating the growth of hair. The rate of hair growth may vary and clinical studies of the product on women have known to show the following results.

Women between the ages of 18 to 45 have seen moderate hair loss after use of the product and a total of 19% women from this group have seen moderate re-growth of hair whereas 40% of the women have seen some amount of growth at least after use. Other products in similar studies have shown lesser results for the same group.

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How long does BOSLEY women's regrowth treatment take to Work?

BOSLEY Women’s Regrowth Treatment for hair loss has been to work in a few months time for a lot of its users. However, a prescribed usage of the application to the affected area two times a day to the degree of 1mL each time. It has been known to take 4 months at least to work fully with a maximum time of 9-10 months being seen. It is the time, beyond which lack of hair growth means the reasons for hair loss need specialist advice for proper understanding.

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Are There any Side Effects to BOSLEY women's regrowth treatment?

The product being topical in nature leaves minimal if no side effects and the scalp activators may cause a need to satisfy a tendency to itch which should be avoided.

BOSLEY Women’s Regrowth Treatment for hair loss is one of the better (if not the best) products out in the market today. It is effective; FDA approved, easy to use and according to several user reviews, a ‘value for money’ product, which is well worth a try at least.