Thymuskin Hair Loss Treatment review an Effective Way to stop Baldness

If your grandfather and your father happen to be bald when they reached the age of 50, you will most likely be bald yourself when you reach that age. Well, that’s not really a pretty picture but the thing is, you can always grow your hair back with the new thymuskin hair loss treatment.

Thymuskin Hair Loss Treatment review

The thymuskin hair loss treatment is a revolutionary process that stimulates the dormant but live follicles of your hair and makes them grow again. Whether your hair loss has been caused by heredity, illness or poor diet, there is always a chance that you can regain your lost hair through the thymuskin hair loss treatment.

Using Thymuskin Hair Loss Treatment


If you have been noticing a large pile of hair in the sink or on the bathroom floor after you shower, there is a big chance that you are going bald. Although studies show that we normally lose more than 100 strands of hair a day, a huge pile of hair on the floor every day is not normal and you may need thymuskin hair loss treatment to stop the balding process at an early stage.

Thymuskin products usually come in three varieties namely

  • The thymuskin shampoo
  • The thymuskin gel
  • The thymuskin treatment

Experts advise that the shampoo and the treatment should be used together to achieve maximum effect. First, you will need to use the shampoo for cleansing the hair and scalp. The shampoo contains tiny thymus peptides that can penetrate the scalp deeply and clean out the dirt, oil, debris and other waste matters that had accumulated in the hair follicles. Technically, the use of the shampoo is mostly in preparing the scalp for treatment.

After shampooing the hair with thymuskin shampoo, you are now ready to apply the thymuskin hair loss treatment that is in a form of lotion. You can apply the lotion directly into the scalp and then massage the scalp gently so that the lotion will be easily absorbed by the skin. Apply only the amount of shampoo directed on the product or by your doctor. You can apply the lotion once a day or according to your hair specialist’s advice.

The thymuskin gel is made up of more concentrated ingredients and should be used separately from the shampoo and the lotion. According to experts, you can use all three products in a day but not at the same time. For instance, if you use the shampoo and the lotion in the morning, you might want to use the gel in the evening as an overnight treatment as the gel is usually effective over a 12 hour period.