propecia hair loss treatment: In Spite of Side Effects Is Still Effective


Propecia hair loss treatment

Though its main aim is to help men reduce the amount of hair they are losing and keep such hair loss to mild or moderate levels. There have been many clinical trials pertaining to stopping hair loss with Propecia and the results were certainly encouraging showing that it was better than a placebo.
propecia hair loss treatment

Vast Majority of Men Reported Improvement

It has been found that around 86 percent of men aged between 18 and 41 years of age who took Propecia to stop hair loss consistently for a year were found to have no further loss of hair, or that the amount of hair found in the affected areas was seen to increase. The rest of the 14 percent of men tested still suffered from hair loss. In addition, stopping hair loss with Propecia is also not effective if the user is a woman.

It is therefore not advisable to try to stop hair loss with Propecia on the female populace because of the potential danger of abnormalities to the fetus if they apply it when pregnant. There is also a lack of evidence pertaining to the effects of Propecia on elderly men as well as completely bald men, and there is also not much encouragement available for people with receding hairlines.

Another disadvantage of Propecia use for stopping hair loss is that it is not effective on children and this can be attributed to its negative effect on male genital development. There are also side effects such as erectile dysfunction, less sexual desire as well as the reduction in semen to contend with.

In spite of these drawbacks, stopping hair loss with Propecia is still very effective with few if any side effects on men that used it. However, the studies that have been conducted on the effects of Propecia on stopping hair loss have only been conducted over no more than two years. Still, the men that have been tested did not have any problems with taking Propecia.

In any case, Propecia is not a cure for hair loss and it works through causing interruption of the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone. And, for best results, it may involve needing to take Propecia for the rest of one’s life, because if its use is discontinued, the hair loss can return. It does, however, enjoy the approval of the Food and Drug Administration for combating hair loss and is therefore considered safe’ by the majority of users and their doctors.