Nisim hair loss treatment shampoo review

Many people are so desperate to find a solution to their hair loss problem that they will go to any lengths in their endeavors. There are some good alternatives to the usual prescription drugs used for hair loss treatment and among these hair loss treatment shampoos is Nisim. This hair loss treatment shampoo is the product of Nisim International and has been clinically tested since 1993 whose results were published in the Medical Post in the same year. This is an effective treatment for hair loss with as high a success rate as eighty-five percent and more.

Ingredients in Nisim hair loss treatment

Nisim hair loss treatment shampoo has ingredients that help it to combat hair loss and some of them are Cystine, Cysteine, and Methionine all of which are amino acids containing sulfur. Since amino acid is the building blocks of proteins these three ingredients provide the hair with required supplies to help in growing healthy hair.

Nisim hair loss treatment shampoo also contains carbon fatty acids that are odd-numbered which makes this hair loss treatment shampoo stimulate as well as nourish the hair follicles. In addition, is found saw palmetto extract which, according to certain studies, can block the effects of testosterone that helps in forming DHT that is mainly instrumental in hair loss.

Nisim hair loss treatment shampoo also has Nitroxide compounds that help in increasing marginal circulation of the scalp thus helping the amino acids and nutrients to be fully used up by the scalp as well as by the hair. And, besides DHT there is also a problem of clogged hair follicles that can cause hair loss as also can dirt, sweat as well as too much of sebum.

This is really an effective hair loss treatment shampoo

It can be used in place of normal shampoos and it will keep the scalp in good health as well as do the same for the hair. Taken along with the Stimulating Growth Extract, this hair loss treatment shampoo will stimulate growth as well as regenerate the growth of hair.

Nisim hair loss treatment shampoo will work wonders for those who are concerned about hair loss and are wary about prescription drugs like Rogaine or Propecia. You certainly will not lose by trying Nisim hair loss treatment shampoo!