Natural Hair Loss Remedies May Help More Than Just Your Hair


Natural Hair Loss Remedies

It has often been said that healthy hair is a sign of a healthy body and those looking for a natural hair loss treatment are looking at good nutrition as a good possibility to slow down the effects. A lack of essential oils and vitamins are thought to be associated with hair loss and can also describe certain conditions. For example, a lack of vitamin B is said to cause oily hair and a zinc deficiency is said to cause dull hair and slow hair growth.

While many choose medications such as minoxidil to stave off hair loss, chemical treatments are known to cause certain side effects. Avoiding the costs and associated potential for those side effects are leading others to a more natural hair loss treatment to fight baldness. Male pattern baldness, also common in women, has been helped by such products as Rogaine and Propecia, saw palmetto is being further studied as a possible natural hair loss treatment.

The main theory behind many natural hair loss treatment ideas is that what is good for the body is also good for the hair. Male pattern baldness is commonly agreed to be caused by an excess of Dihydrotestosterone and certain omega fatty acids have been found to decrease its level. Found in certain foods such as spinach, walnuts, and tuna, these fatty acids are believed to be beneficial to achieving healthy hair.

Diet Supplements May Help Stop Hair Loss

For persons who do not eat meat, they may lack iron, lysine and vitamin B12, needed for healthy hair growth. Supplements of these are strongly recommended not just as a natural hair loss treatment but for the body’s need for these nutrients. Nettle root extract has been shown to help slow hair loss and is often suggested as a natural hair loss treatment.

There are other herbs being touted as natural hair loss treatment including licorice extract, ginger and green tea which are showing signs of being beneficial to stop hair loss. Although no one treatment is showing success for everyone losing hair, there have been no negative side effects associated with these supplements. In contrast, they offer other nutritional benefits apart from helping the re-growth of hair.

There have been no clinical trials to establish the use of herbs as a natural hair loss treatment that may prove or disprove their use. The theory of a healthy body having healthy hair is sound, especially among those who have seen its benefits.