Knowing Hair Types: First Step to Beautiful Hair

You bought the most expensive shampoo in town, applied the latest treatment, and even went to the best hairstylist yet your hair still looks dry and dull. You’ve followed various advices from your friends, who have healthy shiny hair, but no desirable effects seem to happen into your lifeless hair. You look in the mirror and could only give yourself a sigh. And the last thing you do is ask your desperate sad looking self of what else to do.

First Step to Beautiful Hair

First Step to Beautiful Hair

Why don’t you start to get to know your hair more before trying other hair expert advices? Most common mistake women make in treating their hair is overlooking to figure out their hair types, which is supposedly one of the most essential keys in achieving a healthy long lustrous crowning glory.

Different hair types require different hair care and treatment. That’s why in some shampoo labels you can see indications if it is for normal, dry, or oily hair. Companies do this because shampoos have different formulations suited for different hair types. Solid plan, for example, may harm ordinary hair yet may ease a dry hair. Same applies to hair treatment.

Below are some of the most common hair types and the proper caring for each type. To help you determine which one your crowning glory belongs, get a tissue and lightly touch it on your scalp. Do this on the second day after you’ve washed your hair. You have normal hair, if the tissue would only reflect an oil blot. Dry if it shows nothing and oily if the strands stick to the tissue.

Dry Hair

Inactive oil glands in the scalp causes dry hair, which is the most common in men and women among other hair types. Excessive sun exposure and using strong chemical treatments and harsh shampoo are also culprits of a dull looking hair. One can actually skip expensive treatments in curing dry hair by just following a proper diet. Eating foods rich in zinc would help reactivate those oil glands, which give the natural shine to your hair. Massaging warm herbal oil every two weeks would also help your dry scalp, which is cause by severe shampooing and chemical treatments. Avoiding hair blowers, hair irons, and electric curlers would also help save your dry tresses.

Oily Hair.

 Over secretion of oil from scalp gives out an overly oily hair, which looks and feels greasy even after shampoo making your mane more attractive to dirt. Again, proper diet and hygiene would help relieve oily hair. Fruits, veggies, and other green leafy foods would help reduce excessive oil gland secretion. Avoiding oil-rich foods is also advised. One must also wash their hair everyday using shampoos containing henna and neem then rinsing it with lemon would also help.

Normal Hair.

 Gleaming, fun and solid comprise a typical hair, which is the best among other hair types.Avoiding strongly formulated shampoo and proper conditioning or moisturizing would help maintain the lustrous growth of the hair. A balanced and proper diet is also essential.

Now that you know the different hair types maybe it’s time for you think twice and make the right choice to a beautiful hair.