Hair Transplants Can Offer A Permanent Hair loss Solution


Hair Transplants Can Offer A Permanent Hair loss Solution

A hair transplant involves removing the skin with hair or just hair on its own and transplanting it to another place on your scalp to compensate for hair loss. Normally, this hair is removed from the back or the side of your head and transplanted into the bald or thinning areas on your scalp. The hair that’s transplanted is called donor hair, a term you’ll hear transplant surgeons use a lot. Each unit of donor hair is generally between one and five hairs and called a graft.

Hair Transplants Can Offer A Permanent Hair loss Solution

Many people don’t realize that it can take 12 months or more for the transplanted hair to actually grow in properly, and it takes 60 days or more before you see visible signs of hair growth. The transplanted hair usually falls out after a few days or weeks after transplantation and regrows after that.

All transplants involve moving hair from one part of the body to your scalp. A difference can be the way the doctor removes the donor hair. Some clinics use lasers, others use punch drills (an old-fashioned method), while others will use detailed surgery to move individual hair or “units” of two to three hairs to their final location.

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You may be wondering what could keep a transplant from working out. A big impediment is a shortage of donor hair after moving it in an earlier transplant. Another issue is cost.

If you ask the victims of really bad hair transplants how they feel the response is usually “I’d rather be bald than looking like this,” and for good reasons. Some transplant surgeons may even suggest another hair transplant to try and cover up the damage they did in the first place.
But not all transplants are a bad idea. There are some very gifted surgeons performing hair restoration surgery, such as Dr. Ray Woods. His work can be viewed at, where he talks about his work repairing the results of bad hair transplant surgeries other doctors have performed.

What Does A Hair Transplant Cost?

The cost for hair transplantation depends on many factors, such as how much hair you get transplanted. Hair transplants start at $500 per session, and you’ll need several sessions for the transplant to be complete. In total, you will need a budget of $5,000 to $30,000 for a complete and permanent hair transplant.

How To Choose Your Transplant

The best way to choose a hair transplant method and surgeon is talk to previous clients of the surgeon, and see proof of the clinic’s claims. Check to see if the staff at the clinic is suffering from hair loss. If they are, why haven’t they had a transplant? If you can’t contact a clinic’s patients, you should expect at a minimum to see video footage of the patients and the procedure itself.

Remember that when choosing something as important as your hair transplant surgeon, it’s important to ignore the hype. This is surgery, and it must be taken seriously.

Hair Transplant Repair

If you have already suffered at the hands of a hair transplant quack there is hope for repair, and you don’t have to live with the doll hair look all your entire life. There are doctors available who offer hope and can fix previous sloppy transplants. They may even add some new hair during the repair work. Dr. Ray Woods does fantastic work in this area, and his methods are becoming the standard around the world.

A few things to remember about hair transplants:

  • All hair transplants are surgical procedures, and you should expect to see some blood.
  • You will need at least a few days to recover from the transplant, and your head and neck can get pretty swollen.
  • hair transplant is the only method of hair restoration