Hair Loss Remedy Constantly Being Sought


Hair Loss Remedy Constantly Being Sought

Hair Loss Remedy Constantly Being Sought
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With hair loss affecting about 40 percent of the male population, research for a hair loss remedy is constantly in full swing. Currently, there is a product on the market, minoxidil, which has proven results in growing hair on men suffering from male pattern baldness. Another product as a hair loss remedy taken in a daily pill form is also on the market with signs of stopping hair loss.

There is no one product that is guaranteed to work for everyone suffering from hair loss just as there are numerous reasons for a person to lose their hair. By better understanding how the hair grows and what makes it stop can help people understand how to tell if a particular product will work for them.

Many hair loss remedy promises are made by companies that offer little or no benefit in the fight against baldness, yet with the promise of promoting new hair, money is poured into these products on a daily basis.

Dihydrotestosterone, DHT is believed to be the main cause of male pattern baldness and enzymes that help eliminate or at least reduce the amount of DHT is claimed to stop hair from falling out. Rogaine and Propecia are currently the only hair loss remedy products on the market with Food and Drug Administration approval to claim success in stopping hair loss and re-growing hair. There are others on the market showing promise, but which lack FDA approval.

Learn Source of Baldness before Seeking Cure

There is no perfect hair loss remedy on the market at this time, but knowing why hair loss is occurring may help lead a person to the right hair loss remedy for them if in fact it is needed at all. Since some causes of hair loss may be cured, getting to the root cause can be more beneficial than searching for a cure. For example, some forms of diabetes and lupus may result in hair loss and consulting with your physician on treatment for these illnesses may reverse the effects of hair loss.

Physical stress from surgery or serious illness has also been known to cause hair loss with the effects reversed once recovery has been completed. Simply getting over the recovery period may work as a hair loss remedy in these situations.

A hormone imbalance may also be the cause and by getting everything back to normal, possibly with the use of prescription drugs, can work as a hair loss remedy. If baldness is not genetically imposed in the family, it is important to consult with a doctor about the reason for hair loss before self-medicating in any way.