Hair Loss Remedies Varied As Cause of Baldness

Those who have no difficulty rubbing onion juice into their head may consider using this as one of the natural hair loss remedies talking about by naturalists. The aversion to using the current medications, which are showing positive results as hair loss remedies had led many people to turn to natural herbs to try to turn back the impending certainty of baldness.



The key ingredient in brand name hair loss remedies such as Rogaine is the only over-the-counter product approved by the Food and Drug Administration for men and women. There are many other hair loss remedies on the market making similar claims, but other than finasteride under the brand name Propecia, have not been approved as a treatment for hair loss.

A formula containing five milligrams of finasteride has been marketed at Proscar and used to treat prostate problems in men. By inhibiting the development of Dihydrotestosterone the drug shows promise for use as one of the hair loss remedies being made available. Rogaine is used as a scalp lotion while Propecia is available only in pill form. Finasteride is not recommended for women as it is known to cause birth defects.

Type Of Baldness Determines Hair Loss Remedies Used

Hair Loss Remedies Varied As Cause of Baldness

Androgenic alopecia, known better as male pattern baldness, is considered the leading cause of baldness in men and women and is genetically passed through generations. The severity can vary from the loss of hair on the top of the head to alopecia Universalis, which is the loss of all hair on the entire body. With up to 40 percent of men experiencing baldness the search for competent hair loss remedies continues.

It is believed that the presence of Dihydrotestosterone is the leading cause of male pattern baldness and drugs such as minoxidil have an inhibiting effect on its creation from testosterone in the body.
With this theory in mind, using it in hair loss remedies makes sense, yet it does not have the same positive effect on everyone. It may help some re-grow a full head of hair, others a light, thin crop and in others show no effect at all.

Other reasons for hair loss include overworking the hair such as how it is pulled tight in ponytails and cornrows as well as scalp disease and reaction to certain medications. Hair loss as a result of some causes is temporary and before seeking hair loss remedies it is recommended to seek medical advice to determine if it will help.