A Few Useful Licensed Hair Loss Medical Treatment Options

Anybody that is suffering from thinning and loss of hair can become stressed about the condition. However, often it could be nothing more than a temporary condition for which a hair loss treatment should readily be available. It is common for hair loss to come about slowly and steadily and it can occur in patches or is diffuse. Though the number of hairs on the scalp is around 100,000, the number of hair that is lost daily is only 100.

Propecia Is Very Effective

There are a number of licensed hair loss medical treatment solutions available including Propecia that is at the moment a very effective drug that stops as well as re-grows hair in the majority of men. It must be used for a year before there will be any noticeable signs of improvement though it can also show results within three months in some cases.

If you use this licensed hair loss medical treatment solution for as long as possible, you will notice better results year after year with a two to three percent improvement each year up to the fifth year after which a plateau will have been reached. Propecia is a very safe drug which is a good licensed hair loss medical treatment solution that does not even interact with other things such as alcohol, antibiotics as well as painkillers and recreational drugs.

There is another option in the form of Dutasteride, which is a tablet that is in the trial stages and therefore cannot really be considered as a licensed hair loss medical treatment. However, according to user feedback, it is 10 percent more effective than Propecia.



Yet another licensed hair loss medical treatment remedy is known as Minoxidil, which though meant to treat high blood pressure, has a side effect in growing hair all over the body and not limited to just the scalp. This is however not a very effective licensed hair loss medical treatment solution, though it can be easily purchased and, when used in conjunction with Propecia, will prove to be very effective.

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A better-licensed hair loss medical treatment drug that goes by the name of Rogaine


Rogaine is worth trying because of the rave reviews it has received. You can apply this drug topically to the scalp in a two to five percent solution, though for best results it should be a part of the treatment program that has been planned and supervised by a hair restoration physician who specializes in hair loss treatment. Keep in mind however that this licensed hair loss medical treatment drug has been found to be more effective in women than in men.

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