Future hair loss treatment May Best Be Recommended By A Dermatologist

There is always a remedy for hair loss and even if you cannot afford a costly hair transplant, there are still other solutions awaiting you

To learn about future hair loss treatment you should consult your dermatologist as a first step.

Future hair loss treatment May Best Be Recommended By A Dermatologist

You may be aware that the growth of hair occurs in cycles in which there is an active, regressive as well as a rest cycle. In addition, you may be glad to know that the hair is made of proteins.

Understand The Cause And Act To Counteract It

It is normal to lose hundred to hundred and fifty hairs every day and the best way to find future hair loss treatment is by understanding what exactly the cause is and acting in a manner to counteract such causes. A good future hair loss treatment is a product that goes by the name of Minoxidil which has a five percent mixture for men and two percent for women and it was originally formulated as a pill for the treatment of high blood pressure, but which has since also been found effective in treating future hair loss.

This future hair loss treatment can cut down on DHT production as well as curtail damage to hair follicles thereby preventing loss of hair. If you are looking for more choice for your future hair loss treatment, then you may want to try Finasteride/Propecia that will inhibit DHT and is taken orally. It is especially effective when treating hair loss on the forehead as well as on top of the head, though a prescription for it is required.

As mentioned earlier, to find a future hair loss treatment especially suited for your needs you should consult a dermatologist who will be able to evaluate your family history as well as establish whether genetics plays any role in your hair loss problem or not. He will be the person best suited to recommend future hair loss treatment based on the problem and your individual characteristics.

If you are wise and visit your dermatologist when the problem is at an early stage, it would greatly help you in finding a future hair loss treatment, which in any case will be an ongoing process and results will be sure to be more or less positive.

It is also essential for you to be proactive when it concerns future hair loss treatment because many times the underlying cause could be hereditary though hormonal imbalances can also cause such a condition, in which case it will be required to correct the imbalances to stop hair loss. You must also be wary of some medications that can cause aggravation, or be the root cause of hair loss.

The important thing is to be comfortable with the chosen future hair loss treatment and you should also plan for a preventive as well as maintenance course of action to get the best results.