Avacor Hair Loss Treatment Provides Limited Help


Avacor Hair Loss Treatment


Currently, there is no product on the market that reduces hair loss or regrown hair for everyone that uses it, including those approved by the Food and Drug Administration. While certain benefits have been experienced using minoxidil and natural substances such as saw palmetto, two main ingredients in Avacor hair loss treatment products, they have not shown great results in all users.

The manufacturer states that not everyone suffering from male pattern baldness (or androgenic alopecia) the most common type of baldness will be helped by using Avacor hair loss treatment. With topical lotions and pills for an intensive baldness treatment plan, the company does offer a guarantee on its Avacor hair loss treatment products, provided specific criteria for the refund is met.

Dihydrotestosterone, DHT is believed to be the culprit in causing androgenic alopecia in men and women and the claim is that the active ingredients in Avacor hair loss treatment products block DHT, slowing hair loss and promoting the growth of new hair.

While hair loss is a part of the natural process, only about 90 percent of a person’s hair is growing at any one time. The remaining 10 percent is in a resting stage and in about three months falls out, allowing for growth from the same follicles. It is when the resting hair falls out and is not replaced that baldness occurs. Avacor hair loss treatment fights off the build-up of DHT, which is said to prevent the growth of new hair.

Not Everyone Responds to the Active Ingredient

Avacor Hair Loss Treatment

While Avacor hair loss treatment is not the only product containing the ingredient minoxidil, its results may be deemed similar to other topical applications on the market today. All hair loss products can only benefit a certain percentage of those suffering from male pattern baldness, and some receive no benefit from any product on the market.

However, some users do experience success in either stopping hair loss or re-growing hair while using Avacor hair loss treatment and sing the product’s praises. Just like many cosmetic drugs and treatments, there has not been one developed that works for everyone, due to the individual physiology and genetic map inherited by each person.

As with most medications caution should be taken against possible side effects and if any are noted the product should cease being used. However, since Avacor hair loss treatment is accompanied by a guarantee, it may be worth looking into as a hair loss treatment.