Avacor Hair Care System: A Hair Growth Breakthrough

One of the biggest problems of the modern man (and some women!) is perhaps hair loss. Many have tried to prevent it from starting — in the forehead, the sides or the top – but when it inevitably starts, it is all downhill.

Avacor Hair Care System: A Hair Growth Breakthrough

Avacor Hair Care System

The loss of man’s “crowning glory” is often associated to cause low self-esteem, embarrassment, and even dejection. Some relationships are destroyed; many careers are changed because of this. That is why many people do all they can to prevent and stop hair loss, including resorting to surgery just to revive the lost top.

When Avacor hair care system jumped into the spotlight in early 2000, it was hailed as one miracle product aimed at preserving men’s hair as well as egos and even regarded to have a 90-percent success rating among users.

Many doctors and experts praise the Avacor hair care system, produced by Global Vision Products, for its effectiveness. The system treats the aging hair follicles, prevents further hair loss and promotes growth – through three products: a topical solution, a hair-growth capsule, and a scalp treatment shampoo.

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Avacor hair care system boasts of using natural ingredients and herbs like horsetail, ginkgo Biloba, Adenophorae, Bilberry among others. A synthetic ingredient called minoxidil is also found to have a great effect in treating androgenic alopecia which is the inherited form of balding.

The Avacor’s topical formula is a lotion spread over the bald area to promote hair growth. This product contains minoxidil which proves to be an effective product used as balding. The primary effect of the topical application is to promote blood flow to the scalp and follicles.

The capsules, on the other hand, are taken orally and clean the system of chemicals known to lead to hair loss. It also promotes better circulation of the blood in the body.


Finally, the scalp treatment shampoo, which is sometimes called a detoxifying shampoo, mainly cleans the hair and the scalp from pollutants and chemicals which often hasten hair loss. This shampoo also enhances the growth of hair and prevents the hair from falling.

Hair loss is one of the biggest challenges faced by modern men. Although the Avacor hair care system is indeed effective, it also carries a rather hefty price tag. Experts also believed the use of the Avacor hair care system should be continuous or else the treatment would be stopped and the hair would continue falling.